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Lawfully Download Songs Today

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Were you aware downloading music is simple and does not take a lot of time if you know how to get it done. There are plenty of web sites where you can quickly and inexpensively download music legally.

You'll need a great internet connection preferably a dsl connection or better. If you work with a dial-up connection you will have to wait a long time for every song to download. You'll need a storage device to place your music on once it has been downloaded. The cheaper of the options is blank cd-rs as long as your computer has come equipped with a cd rewriter drive or you possess an external one currently linked to your pc. You may also use any of the many mp3 players you can find online or at your nearby store.

Music download sites have sprung up on multilple web sites but you need to make sure you find a reputable one before you get started. Each of the different web sites has different membership plans at different prices. Your budget will determine which site and which membership plan you will employ. Remember that the longer the membership plan the cheaper the overall rate. Always check the web sites feedback is positive and that no one has downloaded any computer viruses via the internet site.

You will find the web sites which are reputable will want you to register with them in order to download music. Then you will be given some options for membership programs. When you sign up for their annual plan versus a month-to-month plan each download will be cheaper.

Basically after you sign-up you can begin searching for you music. There are various ways to search for music. You can search by title, artist name, or genre. After you locate the song or songs that you want you are able to select and download it as an mp3 file onto your pc. Download your music into a dedicated file folder preferably on your desktop.

You have to download all of the songs you need and then play all the songs to check for any problems. If your songs downloaded with no problems you can open any burn program to start burning the songs onto a compact disc. Windows based computer systems are equipped with Windows Media player that not only plays music but can also burn it to a cd-r.

Open windows media player and click on the burn tab. Open your music file so that it displays your songs inside the media player window. On the left hand side you will see a place to drag the files to in order to burn them. Windows media player will also keep track of the quantity of free space on your cd-r if you put it in the cd rewriter drive before getting started. Drag all the files that you want on your compact disc.

Once you complete selecting your files and have them in the burn list you need to check and make sure you have not added to much music for the cd-r. After you click the burn button the windows media player will burn your compact disc. When completed play your compact disc completely to make sure that your burn was successful.

After you have finished downloading your first song you will easily have the ability to continue to download music easily. It is usually best to use a reputable, legal web site so that you do not violate copyright laws. Downloading music is a great way to increase your music library.

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