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Family Law Articles

1: NJ Premarital Planning Tips - Get a Proper New Jersey Prenuptial Agreement to Protect Your Assets
You donít have to be rich and famous to benefit from a New Jersey prenuptial agreement.

2: Benefits of Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation in New Jersey - Morris County, NJ Family Law Mediator
When couples canít agree on their divorce settlement, they may believe their only recourse is to go to court.

3: Get Temporary NJ Support During New Jersey Divorce - Including Alimony, Child Custody & Visitation
After you make the difficult life decision to end your marriage, it is natural to have a feeling of financial uncertainty.

4: End Economic Struggles with New Jersey Child Support & NJ Alimony Enforcement or Modification Relief
Are you struggling to meet child support or alimony payments in New Jersey? If so, there are options available which may provide you with some financial relief.

5: NJ Family Lawyers Guide to Divorce Laws. New Jersey Morris Essex Somerset Union Hunterdon County
A divorce can obviously be very difficult and emotional. It has been my experience that if you understand the basics of the New Jersey (NJ) divorce process and laws, you will feel less anxious because you will know what to expect.

6: How to Divorce Without a Lawyer
In an uncontested divorce you can represent yourself. You don't have to rely on lawyers to resolve every issue. In an uncontested divorce you have full control over the divorce terms (who gets what). Most couples in the end will settle their divorce outside of court without outside assistance anyway because many lawyers are there mainly to fan the flames and extend the divorce as long as possible. Of course that's in order to collect the maximum amount of fees possible. In a contested divorce the divorce terms are out of your hands because those terms are disputed in court by your lawyers. In an uncontested divorce however both spouses will sit down to come to an agreement on who gets what before the divorce proceeds.

7: New computer program lets parents tell bedtime stories while absent
NEW YORK -- Tucking your son or daughter in at night with a bedtime story is a long tradition of bonding between parents and their children.

8: Handling Family Law Problems in a Tough Economy
For average Americans, divorce or separation can be the greatest emotional and financial drain they ever confront, but it doesnít have to be. With all of the economic uncertainty, comes greater stress and potential exacerbation of family tensions. There also may be a tendency to put off resolving family issues because they seem too costly to resolve. If you are facing divorce, separation, custody, alimony, or child support issues and want to keep moving forward in a cost effective way, here are some suggestions to consider...

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