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Copyrights and Patents Articles

1: Patents To Protect Your Invention
Upon developing a new invention, it is wise to patent it. After you get an invention patent, no one can make use of your invention without your prior authorization. In the event you do not want to further develop your idea yourself, you can sell your invention patent to someone else.

2: Using A Patent To Safeguard Your Ideas
Subsequent to designing a new invention, it is critical that you obtain a patent. When you obtain an invention patent, no one can utilize your concept without compensating your first. Certainly, you can sell the rights to your invention, and if you have a good concept, you may fetch a hefty fee for it.

3: Safeguard Your Brand By Using A Trademark
With a trademark your product gets an exclusive presence in the market, which allows customers to identify it easily. It is a unique way to let customer know where a product is coming from and it is crucial for those brands which have gained success in the market. Trademarks are safeguarded by a judicial framework so that unscrupulous persons cannot wrongly use your brand.

4: Various Types Of Intellectual Property
Property does not only comprise of tangible things like homes, cars, furniture, currency, investments etc and such property are not the only kind that can be safeguarded by law. Other kinds of property which are intangible in nature also exist. They are called intellectual property and these are also protected by the law. Patents, trademarks and copyrights are the three primary categories of intellectual property.

5: The Importance Of Intellectual Property Laws
Any inventive or original asset which you have designed or built and claim ownership for, such as, art, music, writing etc is called your intellectual property. In order to prevent others from misusing and claiming ownership of such property, the creator should be aware of his intellectual property rights and should know how to protect his or her rights from people who will try to take undue advantage of them.

6: Is A Trademark Lawyer Essential To Register Your Trademark?
Registering a trademark is no child's play, as it involves a lot of deliberation and careful strategizing. Your trademark may be denied on the basis of the fact that it is too open ended or that someone else has already registered one which appears or sounds alike, even if you feel quite certain that it is unique and specific enough. In this scenario a trademark lawyer can help you immensely.

7: Industrial Design - A Lucrative Career Option
We use lots of things daily, like the can opener or the safety pin, and these make life so much simpler for us, but we rarely take the time to think about the labour, thought and creativity that has gone into creating and designing these items which do not have any better substitute. There are several other such items which make our tasks significantly easier for us, all of them outcomes of painstaking effort by industrial design professionals.

8: "Untangling The Baffling Law Of Copyright For The Use Of Song Lyrics In Book Titles"
Can a writer use a title from an in print or out of print book for a new book? Then there's the question of the use of lyrics from songs, can they be used in the title of a book or even used in the book's content? It's not surprising that quite a few authors are uncertain about lawful use and what is believed to be copyright infringement, particularly when it comes to using the original works of others. Think, what if book title was subject to copyright? The law courts would be jammed to the rafters with criminal lawsuits. As breaching copyright is actually a criminal offence!

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