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1: COMMERCIAL BREAK, A Great New Advertising Novel by Keith Harmeyer
The hottest show on television currently is Mad Men. Not only are audiences enthralled by the complex characters and the captivating storyline - they love the series' inside look at the intriguing world of advertising. The crazy creatives, the back-stabbing and politics, the demanding clients. Now there's a great new novel that gives readers that same entree to the advertising world, but with an up to date setting, a suspenseful plot and a ton of laughs along the way to a big surprise ending.

2: Greatest Moscow Casino, The Metropol
For those of us who like a little flutter, then Forbes has come up with a fantastic list of the best casinos in the world. One of the most surprising ones is actually in Russia and sounds like a fantastic place to visit. read about it in this interesting article.

3: Throw Away The Rule Book - E-Book Readers Are Changing Everything
2009 was the year that e-book readers became hot news. Amazon released both the Kindle 2.0 and the Kindle DX, which created quite a bit of publicity for e-book readers in general and the Kindle reader in particular. Companies like Sony and Barnes and Noble responded with their own readers - the Daily Edition and The Nook - whilst others, such as Apple and Microsoft worked hard to develop their own offerings for release in the near future.

4: What Is A Ebook?
Ebooks are the electronic equal to common hardback or paperback books. The end result is just as portable as well as very flexible.

5: A Great Year For Amazon And The Kindle
Sometime towards the end of the year, the Amazon management team will get together to cast their eyes over 2009's performance. They will, in all probability, be very content - it has been an excellent year for Amazon. A lot of the credit for that must be given to the Amazon Kindle e-book reader - which is now Amazon's top selling product.

6: The Buddha and The Silence
This day in age, people are turning to religion in droves. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism has embedded it's ideology in the hearts and minds of millions globally. While all these religions deserve respect and tolerance, few in the west have a grasp on the complicated concept of Buddhism.

7: Have You Been Looking For A Brazilian Mastiff?
Of all the varieties of Mastiffs there are, the Brazilian Mastiff is one of the most regal and handsome of all. These dogs have the perfect look and along with their large size, they are formidable and beautiful at the same time. The best part about these breeds of Mastiff is the loyalty they have to their family. They are the prime dog for security at your home.

8: Credible Source To Where To Buy Kindle
When we talk about our reading experiences, surely Kindle will come into the picture since this device has something to do in enhancing such experience. Different individuals-known and unknown ones have revealed the benefits brought about by the existence of Kindle. Nowadays when this device has become very popular already, checking various reviews posted on the internet will help clear your mind whether or not you will buy this device.

9: Do Golf Rules And Manners Matter?
Golf is a game of rules and manners. It is a very good idea to know the basics before you play for the first time.

10: Ebook Internet Marketing Strategy-Buy Now!
People are seeing a big opportunity in the internet which makes them want to learn how to do internet marketing, and they turn to buying an ebook internet marketing strategy, making more ebook producers to come up with their own ebook on internet marketing. However, not all internet marketing strategy ebooks are not real to what they promise to be. But you know what this ugly face of reality should not dishearten you because there are still some internet marketing strategy ebook out there that can be useful.

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