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Mental Health Articles

1: Treating Dementia Symptoms with Numerous Dementia Treatments
Dementia treatment should be approached like any other chronic disease with a mixture of pharmaceuticals and behavioral interventions. The sooner you obtain treatment the better. First, you need a good diagnosing to make sure that you're not simply experiencing normal age appropriate memory loss, or brain tumour symptoms. Look for a comprehensive assessment of behavioral, cognitive and functional abilities...

2: What You Should Know About Treating Schizophrenia
When looking at treating schizophrenia, it's helpful to see where people with this brain disorder end up. The majority of schizophrenics (28%) live independently, with family members (25%) or in supervised housing (20%). Another 10% live in nursing homes. While schizophrenics make up one-third of the homeless population, they only comprise 6% of those who suffer from paranoid schizophrenia in general. Another 6% of schizophrenics live in prison and 5-6% live in hospitals.

3: Stress and Family Life
One of the most stressful life events you may experience, is divorce. If divorced, all questions can highlight your anxiety of your life and create a hostile relationship with ex-partner. Divorce creates more stress than going to jail or getting fired from your job is shown by studies. You are also far more likely to be depressed, get into accidents, experience anxiety, and be more vulnerable to mental illness. In addition to the monetary cost, divorcing people usually experience loneliness and terrible mental pain. What are some ways to make the stress of divorce more manageable? There are a few coping techniques that have provided people with help taking care of themselves during this painful time period.

4: What Causes The Fear Of Strangers?
The official and medical name for people with a fear of strangers is Xenophobia. This not only covers people who have a fear of strangers, but also for people afraid of foreigners and other people different to themselves. Xeno means a guest or stranger and phobia means to have a fear.

5: Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks Can Be Highly Effective
There are many different varieties of panic attacks. Some will strike spontaneously and others will build up over time. Since the panic attacks are coming from within the body it makes sense to choose a lifestyle that is healthy in order to help mitigate the problem. In fact, natural remedies for panic attacks are one of the best ways to treat this debilitating problem.

6: Are Panic Attacks A Severe Medical Issue?
Panic attacks are, in fact, quite serious and they need to be treated or they may grow worse.

7: 6 Tips For Managing Your Anger
All of us have had moments of anger in our lives. I know I certainly have and expect you have, too.

8: Learning About Abnormal Psychology
Have you heard of F-99? Read up! This new definition of 'abnormal psychology' could put you in an asylum! The World Health Organization (WHO) refers to the International Classification of Diseases, revision ten (ICD-10), Chapter Five, "Mental and Behavioral Disorders" as a universal descriptor of abnormal psychology. The description of mental and behavioral disorders presented in this chapter essentially define the abnormal everyman, the abnormal men and women of the world.

9: What Causes Panic Attacks?
The exact reasons that people suffer from panic attacks is, in large part, not clear at this time. Even though it does appear that there might be some situations and factors which can cause a person to be predisposed toward panic attacks, there is not one certain factor that is always there.

10: Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Get Your Life Back
The effects of an anxiety disorder can be far reaching. Anxiety disorders may transpire at any period of life and both kids and adults can suffer from them. Anxiety disorders can show themselves in many ways, such as disorders like panic, obsessive compulsion, and generalized anxiety. This article covers the basic facts regarding generalized anxiety disorder, including symptoms and treatment alternatives.

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